Wedding Dress Alterations



Congratulations on finding the perfect gown for you! The wedding gown is the most exciting part of planning your wedding, but it isn’t the most important. How your gown fits you is the most important part of your wedding. The fit of your gown can make or break your wedding and your pictures for the rest of your life and beyond.

We pay special attention to insure the proper fit of your gown. We know it isn’t your bust that holds your gown up but your rib cage. We know the best ways to secure and bustle a gown so it doesn’t come down or tear out. We know how important this gown and this day will be to you. We do everything we can to make you and your special day the best day of your life.

10% off on group alterations:

Bring in 5 or more people in addition to the bride (mother of the bride, maids and matrons of honor, bridesmaids...etc.) and everyone in the party receives 10% off alterations.

Contact us today to learn more about our alteration serviceS. Alteration consultations are priced at $35.

Wedding Gown Preservation

White & Ivory Wedding Dresses







With proper care, your gown will look as beautiful on your 50th anniversary as it did on your wedding day. Wedding gowns are delicate. We treat every bride’s gown like it’s our own.

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  1. Complete gown inspection for stains, especially on the hemline. Beads and other trims are tested for cleanability.

  2. Careful and expert hand pre-spotting and treatment

  3. Individual cleaning in a virgin (never used) cleaning solution

  4. 2nd inspection and skillful post-spotting using Spectralite technology to help identify invisible stains

  5. Hand finishing, with extreme attention paid to the designer’s line and drape

  6. Careful folding, buffering and storage in an acid-free chest



What could be more convenient? We'll pick up your gown after your wedding—at your house, your mother's house or anywhere in our delivery area. 

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Wet cleaning is NOT "washing". Washing includes agitation, extreme temperatures, alkaline detergents, and wringing or extraction of the water. Wetcleaning is a bath. It is completely safe for all types of fabrics and trims, including sequins and teardrops, even silver lined bugle beads. Wetcleaning will not dissolve the glues that are sometimes used to place trims. Wetcleaning also removes hidden stains such as perspiration, champagne, and sugar before they appear as yellow or brown streaks on your gown. Wetcleaning is the technique used by The Smithsonian Institution during its recent restoration of the First Ladies Gowns, and has been lauded by environmental groups as being safe for humans and Planet Earth.

Our cleaning services go beyond the wedding gown, we have master cleaners that can handle your shoes & veil too.



Once your precious wedding gown is completely clean and pressed it is carefully placed in our MuseumCare acid-free, lignin-free bridal gown preservation chest which allows the fabric to breathe but protects against damage from light, dust, and mildew. Acid-free tissue cushions each fold of your wedding gown to maintain the designer's distinctive line and drape. The wedding gown preservation chest is closed but not sealed so the fabric can expand and contract with changes in heat and humidity. A sealed container can trap moisture and cause mildew or mold. Professional textile curators always recommend that a fabric be allowed to "breathe" in acid-free packaging and be moved or re-folded periodically. We place an outer protection carton over the acid-free chest to further protect your gown from dust and light. We also enclose a pair of white cotton gloves for you to wear when you handle the gown.



You will receive a written 100% international guarantee against sugar stains or yellowing of the gown. Wedding Gown Care Specialist guarantees your gown will not yellow or develop oxidized stains, ever.

FREE cleaning & preservation CONSULTATION


We are always available for free consultations concerning the cleaning and preservation of your gown. We will give you the cost of preservation at that time, once we can see your gown.

The Minnesota Historical Society’s Textile Conservator, Ann Frisina, has created an excellent reference document underscoring the value of gown preservation.

 *Please note that alteration consultations are separate and have a $35 charge.



Restoring A Wedding Gown

Have You Decided to Wear Your Family Gown?

For the bride who values tradition and sentiment, a family gown may be just right. Whether it belongs to your mother, your grandmother, a favorite aunt, or even a close family friend, always make the decision to wear a family gown based on teh meaning the gown has for you and whether the style suits you—not on the way it fits or its condition.

If the gown of your dreams has yellowed or stained, call us! We specialize in restoring antique gowns and vintage bridal gowns to the true color without damage to delicate fabrics or dyes. We remove stains and discoloration that ordinary dry cleaners cannot.

A talented dressmaker can reshape almost any gown to your size. You can also update a gown by changing the neckline or the shape of the skirt or even removing sleeves. Some brides add lace or beading, but brides more often choose to wear a family gown because they like the simplicity of the cut and the beauty of the fabric.

Simply cut, unembellished vintage gowns can look just as elegant as gowns by some of today’s best known designers. And if you wear an heirloom gown, remember to save a special place at the reception, perhaps next to your guest book, for displaying a portrait of the original bride.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can restore the gown of your dreams.

We are proud to partner with Skyway Shoe Repair & Dye Service for all of your bridal shoe repair needs. If your shoes are white, chances are they could use a re-touch. Bring your shoes into either of our locations for a cleaning.




Preparing Your Wedding Dress

Does your gown need a touch-up before your wedding day?

Did you bring it on a plane with you?

Did it arrive folded in a box or has it been hanging in the closet for too long?

Let us prepare your gown so that it’s perfect for you. We will repair, press and stuff your gown with tissue so that you and your gown look perfect. You choose the day and time you want it ready!